Mayfair International Realty

With over 300 offices across the UK, and more than 200 offices overseas, all headquartered in a busy central London office, Mayfair International Realty offers its members and their clients exclusive access to excellent media and internet coverage as well as the opportunity for buyers and sellers alike to connect with the very best real estate companies across the globe—exclusively!


Q:  Why is Slifer Smith & Frampton connected through London?

A:  Summit County enjoys world renowned acclaim. Visitors and residents are drawn from most continents. To ensure the widest reach, close connections with communities in America such as New York, LA, Palm Beach and The Hamptons are essential. But further afield, so too is London. London is the global financial super-hub, the centre of fashion, art, music, culture and law. It is a harbour for wealth, a tastemaker and a global influence par excellence. It is also the English speaking bridge to mainland Europe, the Middle and Far East and Russia. It is from London that the British press enjoys an unassailed international reputation and readership both in print and online. The question shouldn’t be why would a serious Summit County real estate broker want an office in London to help orchestrate marketing and exposure across the world. The question should be why wouldn’t a serious Summit County real estate broker want an office in London?

Q:  How does Slifer Smith & Frampton’s London team market homes in Summit County across the world?

A:  Slifer Smith & Frampton’s London team markets homes in Summit County through press editorial and advertising, online exposure, inter-continental luxury real estate networking, word of mouth and the International Luxury Real Estate Show held annually in London’s West End.

Q:  Describe the level of demand among international buyers for Summit County real estate.

A:  Summit County is a global destination and hardly needs any introduction. Its reputation is supremely good across the world. Summit County's own PR is world class – as befits a world class destination. But the task of a real estate professional in Summit County is not to entice people to vacation but to connect with the city in a deeper way – to buy into the community through real estate ownership. To attain the correct international reach requires specialty knowledge and the very best connections, not only with often notoriously hard-to-reach buyers but also the world’s leading international luxury real estate professionals.

Q:  From a London perspective why are international buyers drawn to Summit County to buy homes?

A:  Summit County has been a magnet for the world’s elite real estate buyers for many years. Naturally the draw is the climate, the lifestyle, the people, the reputation and the fabulous real estate. Additionally, at this time in the property cycle, there are strong investment reasons for choosing the area. But now there is another reason. In Europe, many have traditionally headed to the Swiss, Italian and French Alps for a mountain lifestyle. But these buyers also seek political, financial and climate stability. Now, with unpredictable weather conditions, growing political unrest and economic problems, there is a new reluctance by many to purchase homes in these potentially troublesome areas. Europeans have also come to discover that snow sports in America are often better managed and packaged. Accordingly, many buyers will turn to Summit County, Colorado.